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Donating Blood

10 Reasons to Donate Blood

  • Blood transfusions save lives.
  • There’s no substitute for human blood.
  • Every three seconds, someone needs a blood transfusion.
  • About 1 in 7 people entering a hospital need blood.
  • A pint of blood, separated in to components, can help up to three people.
  • Fulfills your desire to “give back” to the community.
  • You’ll receive free wellness screenings, including blood pressures, cholesterol and iron level every time you donate.
  • You’ll learn your blood type.
  • You’ll earn hero reward points toward free movie tickets, t-shirts, gift cards and more.
  • It’s safe, simple and it saves lives.

Donation Process

  • REGISTRATION:  Prospective donors complete a health history questionnaire.
  • HEALTH HISTORY: Donors meet with a staff member for a screening interview and a brief physical examination of blood pressure, pulse, temperature and a test for anemia.
  • DONATION: If the eligibility requirements are met, a pint of blood is drawn from the donor.
  • REST & REFRESH: After the donation, donors are served refreshments. California state regulations require that all donors remain onsite 15 minutes after donation.
  • The entire process takes about one hour and 15 minutes. Please note, time varies slightly with each person depending on the donor’s health history, type of donation and attendance at the blood drive or donor center.

Where to Donate

Blood Centers of the Pacific has 7 centers and hundreds of blood drives located throughout Northern California. Find a Center or Blood Drive near you.

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