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Welcome to BCP’s “eDHQ,” our online donor registration!


eDHQ (Electronic Donor History Questionnaire) is a brand-new technology that allows you to fill out your donor history questionnaire online—either at home or at the blood center.  At home, you’ll simply visit a secure website and at a center, you’ll use a handheld device. Both options will enable you to access your information, read important documents and fill out needed data, prior to your donation.

BCP is implementing this exciting new technology to both improve our efficiency and save paper!

Here are a few questions and answers you might find helpful:

Q: Is this new technology easy to use?
A: Yes!  You can register from your home computer (as long as it’s the day of donation) or you can do it at the blood center. The device you’ll be using at the center—a Toughbook—is similar to a small laptop. It’s all set up and ready for you!

Q: How does this differ from doing a manual donor registration?
A: eDHQ is quite similar to paper registration – without the waste of paper! The other important difference is that it’s often faster to complete than paper.

Q: Can I register the day before my donation?
A: It’s important to remember that you can only register on the day of your donation! Unfortunately, we will not be able to honor your registration otherwise.

Q: Do I have to use this system?
A: While we encourage you to try eDHQ, you can certainly still use the manual system, whatever you’re more comfortable with.

Q: Is my privacy protected?
A: Yes. We take privacy very seriously.  The data is encrypted so it’s secured. You can view its safety certificate through VeriSign. Also, each Toughbook has a privacy screen so someone sitting next to you at the blood center cannot see your information.

Q: What is the difference between registering at home and registering at the center?
A: You can register at home at any time that’s convenient for you as long as it’s the day of your donation. With the push of a button, you simply submit the completed information to BCP, where it’ll be waiting for you when you arrive to give blood and print out a confirmation form.

If you donate at a center, you’ll use our handheld device to register.

Q: How do I use eDHQ at home?
A: Simply visit and follow the instructions.

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