Donate Blood, Get Rewards.

Blood Centers of the Pacific Giants Promotion
Now boarding! If you’ve been curious about making the switch to platelet donation, book yourself into our new Platelet Passport program. Platelets, which are necessary for stopping bleeding, only have a 5-day “layover” – so in order to meet patient need, we need regular ‘travelers’ like you to join us in this lifesaving journey. And as a Platelet Passport member, we make the journey and the destination rewarding. Platelet donors will be issued a Passport Punch Card to track your journey. Present your passport every time you visit and you will earn rewards every two donations. This type of donation also means that you can donate more frequently to help patients in need. Think of it as lifesaving “frequent flyer miles.” Oh the places you’ll go and the lives you’ll save! Ask to join the Platelet Passport program at your next donation or call us at 800.707.8483.

Do something amazing in Augusti
Donate and represent. Give in August and earn this limited-edition Oakland A’s t-shirt as a thank you for being rooted in saving lives.