Optimum Tx™

Blood Management Services

Where Fiscal Responsibility and Patient Care Meet

Blood management is a process for optimizing the appropriate use of blood products in the hospital setting. In some cases, hospitals have to overcome significant practical and political challenges to effectively implement blood management practices at their facility. But the rewards can be even more significant.

  • Sustainable improvements in transfusion safety and quality measures
  • Long-term cost savings
  • Consistency in transfusion protocols
  • Consistency in transfusion protocols

Blood Centers of the Pacific partnered with Strategic Healthcare Group to offer Optimum Tx™, which combines straightforward blood management analytics with evidence-based best practices in transfusion medicine so that you can make sustainable improvements to both patient care and transfusion-related costs at your facility.

Beyond Blood Usage Data

Optimum Tx is an online portal that begins with benchmarking your hospital’s blood usage against the largest blood management database in the U.S. and then goes beyond the data to help your hospital effectively change clinical practices.

With a database of over 5 million patient records, the analytics capabilities of Optimum Tx reveal solid measures, by service line, by MS-DRG and even by physician, of the potential for change in transfusion medicine as well as for savings in transfusion-related costs. With those opportunities identified, Optimum Tx goes further to provide your clinical leaders with the training programs, literature references, how-to guides and project management tools your team needs to successfully affect change among your clinicians.

Optimum Tx delivers:

  • Clear analytics to accurately quantify potential blood usage opportunities against national benchmarks, by facility, by service line or by physician
  • Detailed roadmaps to quickly select the tools you need, like ready-made templates, literature references and quick reference guides, to make changes in every area of transfusion practice you choose to pursue
  • Live and self-study training programs to educate clinicians on evidence-based best practices in transfusion care
  • Project tracking tools to monitor progress toward each of your goals


For more information or to schedule a demonstration of Optimum Tx, please contact Steve Ferraiuolo.

Optimum Tx is a trademark of Blood Systems.