Welcome to the Blood Drive Coordinator Resource Page.

Thank you for hosting your upcoming blood drive!

Manage your Blood Drive Online

Our coordinator website allows you to manage all aspects of your blood drive, including recruiting, scheduling, and contacting donors. You will be able to add donors, schedule appointments and communicate with your colleagues/classmates associated with your group.

Find the Hero in You Program!

The “Hero in Us” Reward Program uses Gold, Silver and Bronze recognition levels to offer benefits to blood drive coordinators who sponsor blood drives regularly during a calendar year. The program also offers reward points for specific activities; these reward points can be redeemed for gifts, such as movie tickets, gift cards and more!

If you are currently a blood drive coordinator, click here to sign in to your account.


For more information about coordinating your upcoming blood drive, or to schedule a blood drive,
please contact your Account Representative or Donor Recruitment Department.

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