Bruce Fairbrother

A hero on many levels

Bruce Fairbrother

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Bruce Fairbrother has two jobs. He’s an electrical contractor by profession, but on his time off, he’s a hero. Bruce serves as a Squad Leader and Training Officer for his local ambulance/rescue/fire department in Towner, North Dakota. Whether at his day job or volunteer one, Bruce always wears a little blood donor pin on his jacket. “Many people ask about it and that usually opens the door for me to talk about the importance of donating blood,” he says.

“I see the need for donated blood first hand and up close,” Bruce says. So much so, that Bruce and many of his fellow rescue squad members are blood donors, as well as blood drive coordinators. They are promoters as well. “When new squad members complete their training, they have an obligation to educate the public on lifesaving practices,  things like CPR and first aid, but we also ask them to promote the importance of giving blood,” Bruce says. “We see the amount of blood needed for many patients that we transport to the hospital and it still amazes me that there so many people who care enough to give the gift of life.”

It’s people like Bruce who are heroes, not only because he rescues people, but because he donates blood.


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