First Blood Donation!


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Please join us in giving a shout out to our youngest blood drive coordinator ever!
On November 6th, one day after turning 16, Kyler completed his first blood donation!

In 2010, when Kyler was just 10 years old, he took part in an independent study program offered by the San Carlos school district for kids wanting to learn more about their community. For one of his projects, Kyler wanted to do something that directly contributed to his community. He decided to host a blood drive.

In February 2010, he scheduled his first blood drive with BCP, and using the school districts messaging system, sent emails to families in the district asking them to donate. He also wanted to offer homemade cookies to blood donors, so he encouraged those not able to donate, to bake cookies.

After completing his first blood drive he saw how many lives in his community were positively affected and wanted to host more with a desire to donate blood as soon as he was old enough. In the fall of 2013, Kyler’s older brother received a blood transfusion after having complications from a surgery. Kyler saw firsthand the benefits of his drives, and was even more determined to donate blood as soon as he turned 16.

That day finally arrived. Last Thursday, November 5th Kyler turned 16, the following day, accompanied by his family he donated his first pint of blood at our Peninsula Center!

Kyler has coordinated a total of 8 blood drives and has collected 158 units of blood, helping save the lives of over 450 patients! He continues to run blood drives at the San Carlos Youth Center. We hope you join Kyler in supporting your community by donating blood! Thank you Kyler for inspiring others to follow your path!


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